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Who We Are

The current market request is based on a number of contradictions. he first is that innovation has to coexist with the present conditions. LEM International operates combining those ideas. In fact our project started with the combination of young personalities which enhance our business offered through the intervention of our expert consultants.
Our evaluation criteria are reliability, suitability and design. The respect of the above is essential for the parallel growth of Lem International and the current market innovation. The synergy between the market growth and the work done by our business partners establish our success. Firstly to prevent the drop of potential productivities standards, and second to ensure the growth focused on quality of the product offered.

Problem SolvingThe best way to take

Deadline pressure, lack of time, the weight of crucial responsibilities and the absence of common vision and not clear goals set with us will be just history. In any situation we are able to offer an honest, objective and well evaluated opinion based on our professional experience. .

We adopt a structured system, evaluating the issue and finding solutions in line with the customer needs. We critically analyse the alternative options, finding simple solutions to your bigger problems. We offer to our clients the tools to manage and maintain the level of success we create together

Work in TeamworkTeamwork and Partnerships

In terms of management and engineering solutions we make of team works a virtue. A team of young professionals and experts managers works together overcoming distance in order to develop the best and most innovative solutions for you and your needs.

When the result is the product of cooperation, it brings internal and external benefits which are the secret of our success. Our services aim to continuously improve our standards, in order to achieve our goal we constantly work together sharing ideas and experience.

Quality OrientedWe Focus on Quality

The development of quality products requires a motivated climate, and we find this motivation in the desire to better cover what is required in the design phase. Through a continuous dialogue we maintain the centrality of the client and his needs.

An innovation that is not only technological, but communicative and above all creative. To provide content and resources that live up to expectations by sharing ideas in a stimulating work environment. Control, in the ICT sense of the term, through production quality management tools.

Mission & Vision

LEM International provide and follow services at competitive price without omitting function and quality of making. We rely on our sources and innovation which will show the effective value of our services. We grow the market pushing our partners to find the most innovative solution. We believe in our products and our users for these reasons we are offering them to you.

LEM never forgets about innovation. “Accessible innovation” is our engineers, either juniors and seniors Mantra. First step to our goal is to provide quality services, followed by the knowledge and the understanding of the ICT world as well as technology.

Continuous Improvement

Research and Development
Products Design
Marketing and Communication
Products Reliability