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Import and distribution of Consumer Electronics

The products offered by LEM International are mostly technologic appliances (TV, tablets, headphones, computers and gadgets), imported either from Asia or Europe. We can guarantee that one of our agents is directly involved on the production line.

Wholesalers and producers can trust our services and contact us directly to test the products and to ask assistance for the design and marketing services.

Our operation operation in Cina

All the products that LEM International supply is the result of a solid, constant and profitable cooperation with our partners in Shenzhen, China.

Our direct contact with our business partner allows us to be active part on the production process, in this way we are able to be more efficient during the production phase.

Our mission in China is not only linked to the production: thanks to our direct presence, we are also well informed and competent in terms of choice of materials, logistics as well as communication and trading with the local suppliers.

Quality Warranty

China is often associate to low quality or even worse as potential people health hazardous products source. This is not the case, our Eastern partners follow directly the entire import process guaranteeing the best manufacturing quality through meticulous checks carried out regularly on the production line.

Services For Importers

LEM International is not only a wholesaler, we also offer assistance to make your import operation faster and simpler.

Our agents have the necessary skills that will enable you to buy the best products suitable for your needs. Thanks to the knowledge and the cooperation with the best local producers, we will be able to put you in contact to the person that can better develop your products with the reinsurance that high level of quality standards and effective productivity united to the affordable prices will meet your budget.

Once we identified and established with you the right production source for your products, we will directly proceed to check the quality of the production process. The result will be high quality at affordable price