SILENTSYSTEM ® is a trademark of LEM International. This brand, which was born in early 2012 in Italy, identifies wireless sound transmission systems for professional use. The realities that use these systems are now several, local, bars, nightclubs, museums, restaurants, theaters, cinemas, schools, congress halls, gyms, yoga rooms, tourist guides, hotels and many more. SILENTSYSTEM is synonymous with quality and warranty, and is the official Italian brand for all Silent Disco and Silent Party equipment, the only original guaranteed.

Silentsystem Logo


The quality first of all. Our electronic engineers, sound engineers, designers and designers are constantly working on a common goal: creating an environment of esteem and collaboration to ensure the best quality products. The SILENTSYSTEM branded wireless audio systems are a concrete and real example. Long-range sound transmission (up to 500 meters) with Super Power Bass transmitters, utilizing the three channels of the Systems cover areas of over one and a half miles. Six different models of wireless headphones dedicated to different applications. Silent Disco Wireless Headphones for Silent Party; Wireless systems for conferences, conferences, even for the world of Fitness and Wellness. All of our equipment has a common denominator: HIGH QUALITY.