The products offered by LEM International are mainly technological appliances (TVs, tablets, wireless headphones, computers, and various gadgets), imported from both Asia and Europe, guaranteed in quality thanks to the presence of one of our operators directly on the production line . Wholesalers and manufacturers can therefore blindly trust our services and rely directly on us to carry out product tests , as well as request design and marketing advice .


All the material imported from Asian countries, which LEM International supplies to the public, is the result of the solid, constant and profitable collaboration with our partner in Shenzhen , China.

Direct contact with our partner allows us to be an active part of the production process : we are thus able to be more efficient in the production of the products that are offered to our customers.

Our mission in China does not end here: thanks to our direct presence , we are also always well informed and competent in terms of product choice, logistics and, above all, communication and negotiation with local suppliers .


The word China is sometimes associated with low quality products, if not dangerous to people's health. This is not our case: our oriental collaborator, in addition to following the entire phase relating to the importation of products , guarantees us an excellent quality and invoice of the same thanks to meticulous checks carried out directly and periodically on the production plants.


LEM International is not only a distributor of wholesale products, but also offers assistance services to make your imports smoother; and consultancy for the design , for the development and marketing of electronic and electromechanical equipment and electric.

In fact, our agents have the necessary expertise that will allow you to acquire the best products according to your requests and needs. Thanks to the knowledge and collaboration with the best producers in the area, we will be able to direct you to those who can develop products for you with the assurance of having high quality standards and production efficiency , combined with affordable costs possible according to your budget.

Once the right source for the production of the products has been identified and established together with you, we will proceed with a careful quality control carried out directly on the production process : the result? High quality at great prices.